I want to show you how.

Is it possible to break free from gut issues without restrictive dieting and spending thousands of dollars on supplements and lab testing?

  • You want your SIBO or IBS to stop running your life. 

  • You know there is an emotional element contributing to your gut issues but you don’t know how to address it.

  • Your symptoms are often unpredictable leaving you very frustrated and confused (i.e. one day you eat junk food and you’re fine, the next day you eat healthy and you feel sick… nothing makes sense).

  • You’ve tried conventional, holistic, and functional protocols and seen many health professionals and still have unanswered questions (i.e. SIBO relapses, root cause confusion, worse or persistent symptoms after a protocol). 

  • Most importantly, you are beyond ready to break free from the cage of chronic digestive symptoms so you can feel like yourself again!

Is it time for a new solution?


A six-week somatic strategy to balance the nervous system and stop digestive problems for good.

I am ready for a new strategy!

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You have permission to...

stop eating a restrictive diet that doesn’t make sense to you.

release the belief that genetics won't allow you to heal.

live a life free from medications and over-supplementation (no matter what you've been told).

open yourself up to new possibilities of healing .

A Supportive & Explorational Experience

This course is structured to be supportive and encourage self-exploration. Modules are released weekly to provide processing and implementation time. There are four videos for each module; educate, self-assess, learn, and apply. You will be able to download an audio recording of a 10-15 minute session for daily, convenient practice. You will have accountability and tracking tools that require minimal effort to stay on track  with your busy schedule. 

You are the perfect fit if:

You obsess over food and feel like no matter what you eat you feel sick.
You are always thinking about your symptoms. 
You have triggers that send you into panic and digestive “episodes.” 
You rely on a cocktail of supplements or drugs to manage your symptoms.
You feel your symptoms are holding you back from living your life to the fullest. 
You know you need to address your nervous system and emotional health but you don’t know where to start.


A six-week somatic strategy to balance the nervous system and stop digestive problems
for good.


It's time to stop the gas.

Client Wins!


I am ready for a new strategy!


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